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Some of devices are equipped with additional technologies for identification.


The NFC tags are available on Card Tags CT16-2 and Beacon Pros BP16-3. However, the implementation and functionality differs between them quite significantly.

Card Tag CT16-2

On Card Tags CT16-2 we install NTAG210 tags that are compatible with ISO 14443-3A NXP MIFARE Ultralight C specification. They operate on 13.56 MHz and they are standard NFC Type 2 tags.

Beacon Pro BP16-3

NFC tags on Beacon Pros BP16-3 are printed directly on the circuit board and programable directly by the nRF52 chipset. However, currently we don't provide a way for users to configure the content of the tag. They are currently set on all Beacon Pros BP16-3 to their Unique ID. Just like on Card Tags CT16-2, they are standard NFC Type 2 tags.


At the moment only Card Tags CT16-2 and CT18-3 are equipped with 125 kHz EM Marine (EM4100) compatible RFID tags. Each of them is preprogrammed with unique, non-editable identifier.