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Most of devices have an upgradeable firmware. This way we can introduce new functionality and improvements to existing beacons. Firmware upgrades are free and available to all customers.


Since devices are based on different chipsets and have different sets of features, they usually have different firmwares, designed specifically for them.

nRF51-based devices

All devices that use nRF51 chipset (Smart Beacon SB16-2, Tough Beacon TB15-1, USB Beacon UB16-2) share the same firmware, since their hardware platform is identical. They all have the same firmware version numbers.

DA14580-based devices

The only beacon based on the DA14580 chipset - Card Tag CT16-2 - shares the same firmware versions as nRF51-based devices. Underneath, of course, there is a separate firmware, specific for Card's functionality. However, the most important limitation of this beacon is the fact that the firmware is not upgradeable.

nRF52-based devices

All nRF52-based devices have their own firmware, tailored to their functionality. Because of that, firmware versions are completely independent.


When a new firmware version is released, the Panel will display an information about the upgrade for relevant beacons on the list of devices assigned to the logged in account.

Applying this upgrade requires a Administration App. The procedure is documented in a support article.