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5Ghz WiFi networks are NOT supported by Portal Light


MQTT Streams are not available with PortalLight. New App API streams for PortalLight here App API Streams

In order to properly send data to Cloud, Portal Light needs to be able to reach the internet. Portal Light can connect through an 802.11b/g/n WiFi network operating on the 2.4GHz band.

The firmware supports WiFi authentication schemes based on pre-shared keys, like WPA WPA2 Personal.


Portal Light need to have access to certain remote resources, so a network firewall has to allow them to communicate with: Cloud – this is where Portal Light sends and receives data & configuration updates.

  • : gateway application updates
  • and data upload directly for processing in Kontakt Apps

NTP servers – required for time synchronization. They are configurable by the user. By default the device uses the following: *, port 123 (standard NTP) Before the installation of Portal Light please check the availability of the above resources with your network administrator.

Settings for hotspot

  • SSID - kontaktDeployment
  • Password - LTPGjjwp256
  • Network security - WPA2-PSK

Supported networks

  • OPEN
  • WEP
  • Enterprise support from version 0.4.8 (TTLS, PEAP)

Led status

  • RED LED (up to 5 sec) - the device is starting up
  • BLUE LED blinking (up to a few minutes) - Firmware upgrade in progress
  • YELLOW LED blinking (up to 1 minute) - Connected to default network - waiting for time synchronization
  • GREEN LED solid - The Portal Light is connected to the network, scanning Bluetooth devices and sending data to the cloud. Now you can also reconfigure Portal Light to any other WiFi network via the Panel.