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Account structure

In order to take full advantage of devices, they have to be associated with a Manager account. The simplest way to get a Manager account is to create one on Panel. However, in order to avoid any surprises in the future, it's important to fully understand what exactly happens when someone creates an account and how the accounts structure looks like on the backend.


Terms like Account and Manager are used interchangeably in this article.


The first thing to understand is that after creating a new account on Web Panel, our backend automatically creates a group called Company and associates the newly created Manager with it. If you were to ask our API for information about your Manager, you would see in the response information about the Company:

  "firstName": "John",
  "lastName": "Smith",
  "companyId": "52087478-3d20-4fa2-9658-87b58df046bd",
  "role": "SUPERUSER",
  "counters": {
    "devices": {
      "private": 19,
      "public": 0,
      "shared": 1,
      "sharedWithMe": 0
    "venues": {
      "private": 7,
      "public": 0,
      "shared": 0,
      "sharedWithMe": 0
  "company": {
    "subscriptionPlans": [
    "countryCode": null,
    "name": "",
    "id": "52087478-3d20-4fa2-9658-87b58df046bd",
    "paidFeatures": [],
    "uniqueId": "DpFcLq"
  "id": "4a23bb48-31c0-4f59-938e-d00a3a8c0186",
  "supervisorId": null,
  "email": "",
  "uniqueId": "EN4sYm"

Manager roles

Creating an additional structure like the Company makes only sense if it can hold more than a single Manager. That's why we allow creating multiple Managers within a Company with different access to devices.


Each of the accounts belonging to a Company has exactly the same set of features. The only differences between them is whether they can create additional Managers and to what devices they have access to.

Apart from having their own Web Panel login credentials, each Account has its own API Key.


Each Company can have only one Superuser. This type of privilege is automatically granted to someone who creates an account on the Web Panel's Sign Up page. Once that account is activated and the Manager logs in to the Web Panel he/she can create additional sub-accounts within the Company. These accounts can be of one the two types: Admin or Operator


Within backend Accounts (of any type) are uniquely identifiable by their email addresses. If you create an Account with one email address, it can't be used elsewhere, even as a sub account within a different Company.

Superuser account can't be deleted. This role also can't be reassigned to a different Manager within Company.


Admins, just like any other Manager types, have access to all Web Panel features. What's unique to them is the fact that they can create their own sub-Managers, but only with Operator privileges.


Same like other Accounts, Operators have full access to management functionality offered by platform. They are limited only in the fact that they can't create any further sub-Accounts.

Hierarchy - Supervisors and Subordinates

Superuser Account is a Supervisor to all other sub-Accounts within the Company.

Admins are Superuser's Subordinates, but they can be Supervisors to Operators.

Operators, on the other hand, can only be Subordinates, but it's important to understand that only Superuser and the Admin that created a given Operator can be Supervisors of that Account.

Access to devices

The reason for enabling of creation of such complex Account structure is to allow different users to access the same beacons. Each Supervisor can modify configurations of both beacons belonging to his/her Account as well as devices assigned to his/her Subordinates.