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Welcome to Developer Centre Developer Centre is the repository of all knowledge needed to start working with devices, platform and developer tools.

What you'll find here

The Hardware section provides an overview of all devices, their unique features and functionality. It describes in details differences in firmware versions used on our beacons. It's also the place where you'll find specifications for Bluetooth Advertising packets broadcasted by devices.

In the Cloud API-related articles we present our backend platform that is used for managing your beacon fleet. We explain there how it is structured, how does it help you with staying on top of your deployments and how it can help you efficiently utilize your devices. Lastly, you will learn there how to take advantage of Data Streams to get real-time updates from your beacons.

The focus of the Mobile section is on iOS and Android SDKs that we provide for making sure that writing mobile apps that take full advantage of platform is as effortless as possible. These SDKs will help with detecting beacons will make the integration process with backend a breeze.